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BIOVERSAL products are at one with the nature

BIOVERSAL products are at one with the nature and the environment please read on:
It is not acceptable to day to use conventional cleaning agents or fire service products because they are eco toxic and bases on cheap surfactants. However, it makes sense to use proper, appropriate and suitable products which support the regeneration of strength in nature.
It is not at all suitable to use products that don’t possess characteristics which start a bioremediation process. It is irresponsible to leave an oil film after the mechanical clean up has finished after a spill of mineral oil or grease. There is an excellent alternative to conventional cleaning agent or fire service products available, this product is BIOVERSAL which has an excellent economical and ecological lasting effect.
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The production of all BIOVERSAL products already meets the criteria of the new REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of Chemicals) of the European Union.
BIOVERSAL products does not contain SVHC (Substances of Very High Concerns).
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BIOVERSAL is glad to be sponsor of the Adriatic Oil Spill Conference ADRIASPILLCON 2013 again.
The success of and wide international support for the first Adriatic Oil Spill Conference ADRIASPILLCON 2010, held in Opatija, Croatia in May 2010, encouraged us to organize the Second Adriatic Spill Conference, ADRIASPILLCON 2013, again in Opatija, between 14 and 16 May 2013. Moreover, following the suggestions of the participants in the first edition of the Conference it was decided to extend the scope of ADRIASPILLCON 2013 from exclusively oil spills related topics to subjects related to preparedness for and response to both spills of oil and spills of other hazardous and noxious substances (HNS). READ MORE

Bioversal International (BVI) introduces in collaboration with the local company APPEL
For two weeks BVI had the possibility to convince and demonstrate in practical trials Bioversal’s Unique features.
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Italian Ministry of Environment re-confirms Bioversal HC
BIOVERSAL HC has been prescribed by decree by the Italian Ministry of Health and Environment as oil spill response Agent recognizing bioremediation effectiveness for use in the Adriatic, and the Mediterranean Sea protecting environment as part of the National Contingency Plan. The decree has been prolonged for further three years.
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"Incredible reality for safety and environmental protection, but true."
(Industrial Fire Journal)
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Bioversal International GmbH and its Network congratulate the enterprise EUROFEU for its
40 th. “Anniversary of Existence”.
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Exhibition Security 2012
Bioversal’s Advanced Biotechnology Products and Applications were officially presented during this fair by ProjektBio-V GmbH (www.projectbio-v.de) with Headquarters in Bochum.

Like no other fair,SECURITY 2012 in ESSEN, Germany, embodies security and fire prevention technology at a top international level.
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Customer Information:
„ECHA” published a list with substances of very high concerns (SVHC). BIOVERSAL products doesn´t include any of the 84 listed SVHC substances in amounts > than 0,1%!
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Please note, within our product group "BIOVERSAL Fire & Eco-HazardControl " the name of the product has been changed, from "Bioversal FW" to "Bioversal RC" (road cleaner). For our former clients we can still deliver FW if it is desired.
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Kazakhstan is enthusiastic about BIOVERSAL
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Very good application round the globe
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Really bad. Watch this video clip.
BIOVERSAL products do not cause such a toxic cloud in the water column. It sticks to the oil particles and rises encapsulated upward to the surface of the water. For oxidation oxygen comes from air and not from the water column in sea, river or lake ! No effect of eutrophication for the water!

Various authorities for water protection have examined our products for suitability. A special result is that the Italian Ministry of Environment has issued a decree that in case of an imminent oil spill BIOVERSAL products must applies.

Meanwhile, we have the experience of the reality that helps to BIOVERSAL unique way like the nature!
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Preventica 2011 awards the French Company Eurofeu for its NEW 3L, 6L, 9L environmentally friendly and eco-compatible Bioversal Fire Extinguishing Systems.
This new generation of Fire Extinguishers uses Bioversal’s Advanced Biotechnology Product QF-R, an internationally certified high performance water based Eco-Foam containing Bioversal’s world wide unique core technology, the Bio-Activator helping Nature’s self-cleaning mechanisms to deal naturally with the toxic impact of hydrocarbons spilled in soil and water and reestablishing rapidly natural balance.
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118 th. National Congress of FIREBRIGADES IN FRANCE
22-23-24 SEPTEMBER 2011 118 th. National Congress of FIREBRIGADES IN FRANCE

The CSPNA (Congrès sapeurs-pompiers Nantes Atlantique 2011), which took place in the exposition park from 22/09 to 24/09 September 2011 clearly belongs in Europe with more than 40.000 visitors, 2000 congress participants, 350 exhibitors to one of the most important events in Europe in the sector of Fire Protection and Security.

This event concentrates all actors (National and International) involved in Fire protection in Security as well as political and administrative forces in Nantes to meet during 3 Days.
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The new Bioversal QF-LF, High Expansion Foam
BIOVERSAL International GmbH in cooperation with the production has developed the new product QF-LF.
It is a high expansion foam agent and was approved by MPA Dresden (notified body institute). This fire extinguishing agent possess the entire positive and the unique BIOVERSAL properties to protect our environment.
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Bioversal Env. Protection in AZ, IQ, AM, GE, TJ, UZ
Bioversal International will soon provide Environmental Protection in AZERBAIJAN, IRAQ, ARMENIA, GEORGIA, TAJIKISTAN, UZBEKISTAN!
Bioversal International GmbH has officially signed “Exclusive Authorized Distributorship Agreements” for the territories of AZERBAIJAN, IRAQ, ARMENIA, GEORGIA, TAJIKISTAN, UZBEKISTAN
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REW ISTANBUL 2011 Environmental Technologies
Bioversal’s Advanced Biotechnology & Applications present at REW ISTANBUL 2011 - 7th International Recycling, Environmental Technologies
Bioversal International GmbH and its Authorized Distributer Company BIOSS Yangin Söndürme Cihazlari, Deniz Ürünleri ve Cevre Temizlik San.ve Tic.Ltd.Sti. for the territory of Turkey join forces to present from 08/06/2011 - 11/06/2011 Bioversal’s Advanced Biotechnology Products and Applications at the REW ISTANBUL 2011, the 7th International Recycling, Environmental Technologies and Waste Management Trade Fair.
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Azerbaijan 3rd Int. Forum on Investment Opportunities
Bioversal’s Advanced Biotechnology & Applications guest at East Azerbaijan 3rd International Forum on Investment Opportunities
Bioversal International GmbH and its Exclusive Authorized Distributer Company Fanavaran Tejarat Sanat ATA were invited to participate at the East Azerbaijan 3rd International Forum on Investment Opportunities.
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Bioversal International GmbH visited the 1st Fire Security and Protection fair in Teheran.
Also present as an exhibitor was the company RAGA, a daughter company from ATA Company our exclusive representative of Bioversal Products and Applications in the Territory of IRAN.
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Bioversal present at POLLUTEC 2010
Bioversal´s Products find efficient and cost-effective Applications especially in the field of Advanced and Innovative IN SITU Bioremediation Treatments in case of weathered hydrocarbon contaminated Soil and Ground Water by Injection or Flushing . Furthermore Bioversal is used in Bioremediation techniques for Bioremediation treatments IN SITU for Biopiles techniques. Last but not least special products and applications have been developed by Bioversal International to clean and bioremediate and restore IN SITU oil contaminated concrete.
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Findings and knowledge!
All know it, but inappropriate technology is still used, why?
BIOVERSAL-members offering an honest scientific solution! (read more - ppt document).
(nov. 2010)

New article released
BIOVERSAL's advanced biotechnology
Oil Spills released in soil, groundwater and natural water resources are a global problem, which mainly occur during routine activities all along the oil production, transport, storage, processing and distribution life cycle chain. Crude oil released in this way represents an environmental issue of great concern because spills threaten animals, plant life and other ... (read more).
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Read the latest issue of the Fire & Rescue magazine
Friendly bubbles. Can extinguishing agents be "green"?
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(nov. 2010)

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Bioversal is the generic term for a wide range of cleaning and fire-extinguishing agents that considerably accelerate the biological degradation of pollution. The unique ECO Activator™ serves as catalyst. The (oil) pollution is broken up into minuscule particles that are stably encapsulated. The toxic residues change quickly into an energy source attractive to micro-organisms. Ultimately only harmless residues are left. The ECO Activator makes nature your ally. A high-quality Bioversal product is available for almost any application in the areas of cleaning and fighting fire and oil spills.