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BIOVERSAL products are at one with the nature

BIOVERSAL products are at one with the nature and the environment:
It is not acceptable to day to use conventional cleaning agents or fire service products because they are eco toxic and bases on cheap surfactants. However, it makes sense to use proper, appropriate and suitable products which support the regeneration of strength in nature.
It is not at all suitable to use products that don’t possess characteristics which start a bioremediation process. It is irresponsible to leave an oil film after the mechanical clean up has finished after a spill of mineral oil or grease. There is an excellent alternative to conventional cleaning agent or fire service products available, this product is BIOVERSAL which has an excellent economical and ecological lasting effect.
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Develop and promote the world-wide use of "ECO Active" cleaning liquids, fire-fighting foams and techniques for TwinReactor systems to clean water, there where organic pollution's are coursed or to be expected.

mission statement

Bioversal International is to develop a global distribution network through approved partners, to ensure that world market has access to cost-effective ECO-foams and ECO-cleaners.


Positioning the Bioversal products as
an "A brand".

Approach the top-players in the market segments with a strong distribution network.

Approach governmental departments.

Direct contacts with large end users.

market segments

1 Fire & Eeco-hazard Control

2 Industrial Cleaning

3 Automotive industry

4 Water treatment / Soil treatment

5 Consumer market